Elgin Parks & Recreation is looking for qualified aerobics instructors in various fields to become regular or substitute contract instructors for short term and long term contracts.

The Elgin Rec Center is looking for regular class instructors & substitutes for the following:

 - Senior Aerobics

 - Pilates or Yoga

 - Interval Fitness

 - Zumba or Dance

Email for more information!

Weight Room Introduction

Introduction to the Weight Room for 60+

This class is an opportunity for our Wildcats, ages 60+, to get familiar with Weight Room equipment, portable equipment at the front desk, and available technology.

Each session will break down a specific workout and provide proper techniques. The goal is to provide patrons with a working knowledge of the equipment, as well as the confidence to use that equipment independently.

FREE with pre-registration. Limited Spaces Per Class.

8 sessions over 5 weeks. 

Monday & Wednesdays from 10AM - 11AM. 

Classes include 45min. of fitness instruction per session.

Kangoo Dance Class

Kangoo jumps es la marca número uno en el mundo en botas de rebote. Sus programas tienen grandes beneficios en nuestro cuerpo a nivel celular algunos de los principales son. Absorción del 80% de impacto en tus rodillas 25% más quema calorías Fortaleces corazón músculos huesos y pulmones. Mejora enormemente tu circulación, aumenta tu rendimiento físico , genera endorfinas las encargadas de hacerte feliz y lo mejor lo haces de una manera divertida.

Instructor de habla hispana. Miembros del Rec Center - Gratis. Todos los demás - $ 5 / clase

Kangoo jumps is the number one brand in the world in bounce boots. Its programs have great benefits in our body by 80% shock absorption on your knees and burns 25% more calories. You strengthen your heart, muscles, bones, and lungs. It greatly improves your circulation, increases your physical performance, generates endorphins that make you happy and you do the best in a fun way.

Spanish Speaking Instructor. Rec Center Members - Free. All Others - $5/Class 

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rise and shine flyer

Rise & Shine Outside | Bodyweight Fitness Class

Get moving with this FREE bodyweight fitness class at the Elgin Memorial Park Playground Fitness Zone. This class accommodates up to 12 people, socially distanced and masked, by registration only.

Class will include interval training with body weight exercises, cardio and more! 

Register here:

High Intensity Fitness with Jessica Ortiz

Feel Stronger and leaner with this fast- paced, instructor led class for all level of athletes every Monday and Wednesday. Exercises vary by class for a whole body workout. You'll pick up the pace during these calorie-burning circuit workouts made up of conditioning, agility and some equipment based movements targeting Butt & Legs, Upper Body & Core- a Full body Burn!

Siéntase fuerte y lleno de energía con esta clase de aeróbicos de ritmo rápido dirigida por un instructor cada lunes disponible para todos niveles. Los entrenamientos de circuito para quemar calorías están compuestos por movimientos basados en agilidad, condición y resistencia. ¡Nos enfocamos en la parte superior del cuerpo, las piernas, glúteos, y abdomen – quema grasa en todo el cuerpo! 

Bilingual Instructor

Rec Center Members - Free

All Others - $5/Class

jessica class w wed