Retail Trade Study Summary

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Retail Trade Study Summary

As a participant in the exceptionally strong growth experienced by the Capital Area of Texas since 2000, the City of Elgin has posted population growth of approximately 3.3 percent compounded annually from 2000-2010 (a rate that stood as an acceleration over the previous decade). With its close proximity to Austin, relatively affordable land, and excellent highway access, Elgin is well positioned to take advantage of the economic development opportunities coming to Central Texas. Moreover, new community assets including the opening of Austin Community College’s Elgin campus are providing anchors for future growth and activity in and around the City of Elgin. The purpose of this study is to identify and describe existing opportunities for commercial growth, with a focus on retail trade.

For a complete copy of the Retail Trade Study, including detailed demographics, analysis of all three trade areas, traffic counts, consumer psychographics and more, select the link on the left. 

Summary Statistics of the Secondary Retail Trade Area

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