Grants & Programs

The Elgin Economic Development Corporation, EDC, Grant Programs  
See the Grant Programs Flyer for more information. 


Facade Improvement and Mega Grant Programs

The Facade & Mega Grants

are applicable to commercial properties located in the Main Street Program Area which includes the Downtown Historic District. The goal of the program is to improve the overall appearance of downtown and the community and to make properties more attractive for quality businesses that will improve the overall vitality of downtown. 

The grants are a percentage match with cap per project

Façade Improvement - 50% = $5,000

Mega Grant - 25% = $25,000

These are matching grant programs and are payable after the work is completed, contractors are paid, and all applicable documentation is submitted for final consideration. Final determination of any and all funds reimbursed is made by the Elgin Economic Development Board of Directors. 

All projects within the Main Street Program Area must be reviewed and approved by the Elgin Historic Review Board and pre-approved by the Economic Development Corporation before work has started. The Historic Review Board application is available on the City website under the Historic District Guidelines. The applications and guidelines for the Facade Improvement Grant and the Revitalization Mega Grant can be accessed using the tabs on the upper left. 

Job Creation Grant Program

Certain types of business investments, which result in the creation of new jobs, new income and provide for positive economic growth and economic stabilization are beneficial to the city as a whole. The Job Creation Grant provides money for new job creation for new businesses locating in Elgin or expansion of existing business. Each applicant’s project will be evaluated for potential grants on a case-by-case basis See the Job Creation Grant Guidelines and Application for more information. 

This grant will pay $2,500 for each new qualified full time
position created, with a maximum grant of 
$25,000 (10 jobs) 

Applicants can only be awarded the grant one time.

Main Street and Additional Assistance Programs

Main Street Program Area Incentives

– In addition to the Facade and Mega Grants, there are a number of additional programs available to assist businesses in the Main Street Program Area. These programs are listed below. See the Business Assistance Programs document for additional information. 

Additional Assistance Programs

Economic Development Programs – The City’s Economic Development Department provides assistance to both existing and new businesses. In concert with state and federal agencies, the City provides varying assistance packages on a case by case basis. Contact us for more information.