Parks & Facilities

Parks, Facilities & Trails

Elgin is a city with a vision that includes improving its quality of life by providing parks and recreation activities. The many festivals, special events and historic beauty of Elgin make it a perfect setting for Parks & Recreation.

Elgin has 6 parks, a Recreation Center, Municipal pool, and a Community Center. The parks all offer a wide variety of amenities for leisure, sports, gatherings and even classes. These facilities are available for rent to the public. Check the links on the left to find the perfect spot for your next event. 

The Parks and Recreation Department has developed a Parks Master Plan as well as a Trails Master Plan. These documents can be found on the right hand side of this page. As part of the new mixed use zoning for Historic Downtown Elgin, a Central Park Plan has also been adopted.

Below are the Central Park Plan, Parks Master Plan and Trails Plan maps. 
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Central Park Master Plan

Central Park Master Plan
Shenandoah Trail Map