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In 2015 the Elgin Parks Department was re-created to better cater to the community's needs. The different divisions of the Parks Department add to the quality of life in our community by maintaining parks and green spaces. We plan and implement various programs for all ages and teach Elgin residents about the unique resources around them. From maintaining nearly 120 aces of parkland to providing more than 45 events for all demographics, our staff strives to bring Elgin together 365 days a year. 

The Parks Department is responsible for:
  • Parks maintenance 
  • Recreational Programming
  • Morris Memorial Pool
  • Facility rentals for:
    • Elgin Recreation Center 
    • Fleming Community Center
    • Morris Memorial Pool
    • All Elgin Parks

Veteran's Park circa 1900

Historic Gazebo
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Programs and Events


We are glad you chose to spend time in our park system and with our staff at our events. We are so proud of our facilities, events, programs and parks, and hope that our pride shows through in to your park experiences. Whether it's taking a walk in Elgin Memorial to check out our new trees, feeding the ducks at Morris, playing a round of Disc Golf at Thomas Memorial or listening to music at Veterans', we are happy to provide a variety of entertainment. We believe these recreational activities and spaces are essential to maintaining happy and healthy living in Elgin. 

When you are out in a park, working out at the Rec or at one of our events, don't forget to tag us on social media @ElginTXParks - we love ot see your photos!

Elizabeth Marzec
Program Manager
Fall/Winter 2019-20 Program Guide Front Cover
Program Guide 2019


This Spring/Summer season we have tons of exciting new programs in store for you that are sure to appeal to every age. We hope that you'll join us in our parks and facilities to spend time with our community. We will be adding classes to the Rec Center that will be included in your membership, as well as more targeted senior and young adult programming. With your help we will strive to create and host the most relevant and interesting programming possible. Thank you for participating in our events and spending time in our parks. We are honored to be a part of your everyday life and hope to be engaging when it comes to quality programming. 

Elizabeth Marzec

Program Manager


On behalf of the entire park staff we would like to thank you for your participation in our park system and programs. We are honored to be a part of your every day life and want to be engaging when it comes to quality programs.

Allow us to be your guide and show you some of the great opportunities that are right here in town. Our staff is committed to providing the best experience we can. We intend to help you, by providing activities and programs that enhance the quality of life, while creating community and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

We need your help in creating a park system that is responsive to your needs. Help us as we grow, show us how we can better serve you. 

We look forward to a great season with you. 

Michael Gonzalez

Parks and Recreation Director

front page 2018
Veterans' Memorial Park, circa 1900

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    Recreation Programming Manager

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    Phone: 512-285-6434


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